Krav Maga Self Defence was made popular in Israel. Krav Maga is a system of using easy to learn, go to technics against possible threats.

Krav Maga Manchester

Our program is based off a set of principles.

Principles of Krav Maga


Does the defender use simultaneous defense and attack or near simultaneous defense and attack combined with the necessary ferocity to thwart the attack?


Does the defender use, when possible, an instinctive body defense combined with a deflection, block, or redirection of the attack?


Does the counter-attack tactic/combative optimize the body’s natural motions to deliver maximum power and reach (pivoting and using the body’s full mass) while allowing for instinctive follow-on combatives? In other words, does the defender generate as much power as his/her physique will allow which leads immediately into another opportune combative as necessary and retzev (continuous combat motion).


Does the counter-attack tactic target the attacker’s anatomical vulnerabilities while facilitating  continuous combat motion to render the attacker no longer a threat?


Does the defender keep his hands properly positioned by not dropping them while not generally occupying or committing both hands to the same movement?


Does the tactic represent economy of motion and simplicity without telegraphing the defender’s intent/strategy?


Is the tactic flexible enough to work against different methods of related movement attacks or “family of attacks”? (For example: will the same defensive tactic work against a Hook Punch vs. a Hook Stab vs. an Overhead Stab vs. a Slash)?


Will the tactic work against concerted resistance or immediate counter-measures (this, in part, focuses on proper body mechanics and deadside positioning)? In other words, will the tactics work against an adversary who is trained in martial arts or hand-to hand combat?


Will the tactic reasonably work for any defender regardless of his/her size, strength, or athletic ability? Will the tactic work against multiple assailants and position the defender to the deadside, especially, when confronting multiple assailants?


For weapon defenses, does the defender decisively and optimally control/secure the weapon in a safe manner (third party considerations) as soon as possible? Does the defender know how to employ the weapon optimally while safeguarding innocent third parties?


For both standing and ground survival, is the defensive tactic visceral? In other words, is there no sporting aspect to it? Accordingly, will it work for most people even against trained adversaries?


Does the defense allow for a defender to be armed and rapidly and safety deploy his/her own weapon?

WFMC Approved School

Our Krav Maga manchester based school has a head full centre in Didsbury Manchester with Satellite schools in Sale, Salford soon to be Tameside, Glossop and Stockport.