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Become a World Champion in 2017

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We can help you to take your Martial Arts to the next level. With our national and international competitions with regular squad training and seminar events we can help you and your club take that next giant leap of give you the recognition you deserve.

Last Year the British Team had World Champions in several disciplines.


2017 Martial Arts Competitions

WFMC 2017 is going to be a great year for us as WFMC Great Britain. Events coming up are:-

Other Events
BI Monthly Squad Training
English International Open
World Championships

Competitor News

2016 World Championships was an amazing event

The event was an excellent weekend at the WFMC World Championships. The standard was amazing and Team GB did us proud. We had strong representation in all disciplines taking gold’s in:

Semi contact
Light contact
Muay Thai
Muay Thai
Low Kick
Full Contact
Kata and Forms
Self Defence

Team Coaches ,refs and judges did the business:-

  • Rick Dubidat
  • Kiel Tidman
  • David Riley
  • Cobra Elom Japonais
  • Stephen Miller
  • Richard Wallace
  • Clifton Findley
  • Farzeen Senshi Fassihi

Admin was amazing

  • Mandy Black Belt Edwards
  • Morgan Edwards
  • Soby Y Farooq
  • Helena Reilly
  • Heather Parry and Team

(Heather Parry Big thanks to your husband for working the door and helping at the forms table.)


Big thanks to Andy Hicks for lending us a hand with equipment for the event. Thank you to Geoff Downes, Alex Vorfi , Paul Karpowicz and David Riley for helping us boost our K1 and Muay thai squad . Also a big thanks to Hugh Abercrombie who suggested the junior grappling section that has now had its first ever junior world champions.

Teamwork made the dreamwork and if I have not mentioned anyone else please be assured I am grateful to everyone who put in the effort to support our event and brought the positivity we needed to have the courage to take on such a mammoth of a task as to host a world championship event.

Thank you

It was emotional

Master E

About the WFMC GB President

Wayne Edwards AKA Master E was a British team coach since 2004 and to be offered the chance to be head of a National association was an amazing opportunity and a huge learning curve.  Wayne is a huge believer in doing things differently however he  quickly learnt the value of tried and tested after his first year of being president.
In 2013 he ran his first squad training and squad selections which created a spark of interest for individuals looking for something new. At the end of the year he brought a team over to Germany for the first time and had some good results of which he brought back several World Champions. It was painfully obvious on his first visit that there was some stiff competition in the Semi contact and light contact sections as well as MMA, Muay Thai, Submission wresting, K1 and kickboxing sections so the following year he needed some more big guns . 2014 the team had doubled and so had the medal haul in Croatia as they came back with even more Golds. 
2015 WFMC held its first British Championships and 2016 his second British Championships at West Bromwich leisure centre and Finally held his first
World Championships in Manchester October 2016.

2017 is going to be a Great year!

Wayne Edwards Krav Maga Program

krav maga manchester

Wayne Edwards Krav Maga  Goal is help schools expand and offer a full martial arts expereince from a full spectrum of sporting arts to reality based self defence programs such as Krav Maga which he promotes due to the principles of its system.

Wayne Edwards runs his own associaiton for Krav Maga and operates under the Israeli IKA under grand master Moshe Galisko. Wayne is of the belief World class competitors and instructors can provide a better representation of Krav Maga than the present trend of zeros to heros who do 21 day courses and then placed in hired halls and still claim they are the best yet never facing much hand to hand combat wether sporting or not.

Not only is Wayne pationate of sporting combatants teaching Krav Maga self defence but he know it is the key for martial arts school to increase their adult memebrship which is predominately young people. For Details visit of his intructor training program visit

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What Makes the WFMC British Championships Different? 
Most Multi-style Comps are predominantly focused on Semi Contact, Light contact, forms with a small contingency for Grappling and MMA.  The WFMC tournament aims to provide a specialist approach to each category with the aim to run smoothly and efficiently .There will be dedicated Areas run by Team Coaches such as:- 

  • Forms and Kata Area will be run by Steve Perry
  • Light Contact Area will be run by Wayne Edwards 
  • Semi contact Areas will be run by Rick Dubidat. 
  • Submission wrestling (Matted Area) and MMA (ring) will be run by Richard Wallace. 
  • Muay Thai, K1 and Kickboxing ring will be run by famous Reilly twin brother, David Reilly. 

2017 Featured Categories

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The K1 category is designed to attract fighters from Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung fu and more in a two round stand up boat with a third in the case of a draw. 
Muay Thai /K1 kids which has an under 10yrs category with no face contact. 
National Team coaches are Full contact and Light Wayne Edwards,
K1 and Semi Contact Rick Dubidat, MMA and Grappling Richard Wallace, Mauy Thai coach to be announced.

Contact Wayne Edwards or just fill in the box below
and we will contact you for more details. 

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